Alternative Financing

Do you wish you could buy some rugged laptops or tablets but don’t have the money? Do you wish you could pay for these rugged devices in installments? MobileTEK can help.

MobileTEK offers its customers a lease program in which you can pay for the laptops or tablets along with accessories by the month or by the year and at the end of the lease you can either return it, continue to make lease payments or buy it out and take owner ship of it. By leasing the laptops or tablets you can pay for it in installments and not have to pay for it in one fell swoop.

MobileTEK also offers its customers a “rental” program called Device as a Service in which you would pay for the laptops or tablets by the month over a 2 or 3 year period of time and at end of the agreement, you would either return the equipment and start over or keep paying for them by the month. There are 2 advantages to this program. First, no longer would you have equipment just sitting around with no apparent use. Second, you can pay for these laptops or tablets out of expense dollars and not capital dollars.

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“Fully Rugged Laptops and Tablets – More Expensive to buy less expensive to own”

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