Forklift Mounted Tablets

Forklift mounted tablets have completely revolutionized the way forklift operators access and use Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. These fully rugged, mil spec rated tablets are designed to withstand a variety of adverse conditions such as drops, spills, vibrations, extreme weather, dust and dirt and humidity. Being much more affordable, more compact and less heavy than the traditionally used vehicle mounted terminals (VMT), these tablets can operate on or off the forklift as they can be easily removed from its dock. These tablets run the windows or android operating system and can therefore be used for traditional office applications such as electronic mail in addition to WMS and ERP. They can be securely mounted in a variety of ways to your forklift and can be combined with peripheral devices such as keyboards, printers and scanners. If you plan to deploy new units or refresh existing VMTs, rugged tablets should be at the top of your evaluation list.

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“Fully Rugged Laptops and Tablets – More Expensive to buy less expensive to own”

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