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Are Rugged Laptops/Tablets For You?

Do you use any kind of laptop or tablet in the field today?  If so, what do you use and how long have you had them?

Have your current laptops/tablets been reliable and durable enough?  How often would you say they have failed in the past year?

What problems has this down time caused you?  Has the result been that it prevents you from transporting as many patients per day as you would like?  Are your reports less accurate?

Is the cost of rugged laptops the reason why you have not upgraded or invested in them?  Do you think a rugged laptop or tablet is worth it?

Does the appropriate rugged laptop or tablet for you need to be new?  Would a used, good as new, just as reliable laptop/tablet that has a starting price of that of an iPad be a good solution for you?

There are affordable, rugged computing solutions available so let’s talk!

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