Getac Video Solutions

In the heat of the moment, you don’t have time for a delay or second guesses. That’s why Getac developed the first real-time, complete crime management solution. This is your complete solution to integrate your force and dominate crime.

Getac Video Solutions, located in Minneapolis, became a separate subsidiary of Getac Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of rugged computing solutions. Getac, founded in 1989 through a joint venture of GE Tactical and MiTAC, has become the second largest manufacturer of military grade rugged computing solutions in the world. IRSA, founded in 2006, was a provider of in-car, body-worn and interview-room video recording systems, and cloud-based evidence management. Starting in 2018, the newly minted Getac Video Solutions now offers robust software and rugged hardware solutions to help law enforcement and other industries acquire and manage video and other digital evidence.



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